5 Simple Tips for Buying CBD in the UK (2020)

Shopping for CBD UK

There’s a CBD revolution happening across the globe.

Due to CBD's wide-ranging potential, people have quickly fallen in love with this cannabis-derived chemical compound.

And it isn’t that surprising. Canabidiol (aka CBD) has been gaining a reputation for delivering therapeutic results, and who doesn’t love that?


When it comes to buying CBD, consumers have been spoilt for choice, with a vast array of products to choose from.

Which leads to a problem:

The crowded market has quite evidently created a sense of “choice paralysis” among potential CBD customers. There’s simply too much choice and people don’t know where to look or who to trust.

It can be challenging for consumers to tell the difference between high-quality and poor CBD products.

But why is this?

Well, CBD is still emerging in popular culture, which means that most prospective buyers lack the product knowledge to make strong buying decisions.

In other words, most people just don’t know what they’re buying.

As a result, they can sometimes be left disappointed by certain CBD products because they fail to achieve specific results.

This doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) the case.

Consumers can’t be blamed for feeling a little disorientated by all the options available to them. After all, the CBD industry is comprised of mostly new startups, who don't yet have any established brand recognition. Making it difficult for consumers to know who they can trust.


In this short and snappy article, we’re going to do a quick roundup of what you should be looking for when shopping for CBD products.

What are the key indicators of high-quality CBD? How can you compare multiple products? Are you getting value for money?

We’ll be answering all these questions.

Tip #1: Browse through third-party testing reports.

Whenever you’re trying something new, it’s always a good idea to take a brief dive into some of the research surrounding the product.

This can help to give you peace of mind over what you’re consuming.

In the CBD industry, all reputable CBD suppliers are able to provide third-party lab testing results. If you cannot immediately find these results, it is worth contacting a supplier’s customer support line and requesting a copy of them. (Here on Handpicked CBD all of our CBD brands must post their lab reports in order to list on our site, it's a minimum requirement).

Third-party results put the facts in your hands and you can then make an informed judgement about the product from there.


Tip #2: Check the bioavailability of the CBD products  

As we digest foods, drinks and supplements, so much of the goodness is lost before it even gets the chance to enter our bloodstream.

CBD with a high bioavailability can ensure that a significant percentage of the chemical compound ends up in your bloodstream.

There are different ways of consuming CBD to increase its bioavailability, such as holding drops of oil under the tongue to be absorbed through mucus membranes. This is often regarded to be far more effective in its ability to get CBD into your body than directly swallowing supplements or edibles.

All individual CBD products will have their own unique instructions on how they should best be consumed. It’s important not to deviate from these.

If the stated method of consumption does not work for you, there are plenty of other CBD products on the market that may have more of an appeal.


Tip #3: Reach out to the CBD brand or supplier’s customer support

Any reputable CBD brand or supplier will always be on-hand and ready to answer your questions. 

Whenever you introduce something new into your life, you are likely to have questions about it. 

Questions are healthy and they’re a natural response to curiosity. Here at Handpicked CBD, we welcome them! Out 24-hour live chat facility is here to help answer any questions abot CBD that you may have. 

If you’re unsure about any details relating to a specific CBD product, never leave anything up to chance, as this will likely result in disappointment.

It’s always worth firing a quick message to a CBD brand or supplier’s customer support team if you want to gain a better understanding of what you’re buying.

With online stores, CBD product pages are often riddled with industry jargon that won’t make any sense to most people. Usually, this is included to comply with certain regulations, but if you need anything explaining to you in layman’s terms, a great CBD brand or supplier will be more than happy to do this for you.


Tip #4: Make sure the price isn’t too good to be true

High-quality CBD oil is rarely cheap to make. It demands extreme levels of attention to detail and this can often be time-consuming.

If the price of a CBD product is significantly lower than others you have seen, it’s a strong sign that it may not contain very much CBD.

When looking at the price of a CBD product, you should always try to measure it against the amount of CBD in the actual product. You should look for details on either the concentration or the total number of milligrams in the product.

Most people like to start with 30-60 milligrams of CBD per day.


Tip #5: Ignore CBD products with outlandish health-related claims  

As we’ve said before, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Companies that are making outlandish health-related claims about their CBD products are actually breaking the law.

This should raise concerns about what else they could be doing that is not in-line with industry practices and expectations.

Ultimately, CBD has the potential to provide consumers with a wide range of benefits. 

These benefits can significantly vary from person to person because everyone responds to this chemical compound slightly differently. Whilst some people have experienced truly remarkable health benefits, these aren’t a foregone conclusion for every consumer.


In conclusion

We hope this article has helped you to understand more about what to look for when buying CBD products.

At Handpicked CBD, we’re passionate about transparency and honesty - and we know how important these characteristics are to building strong relationships with our customers.

Explore our range of high-quality, tried and tested CBD products today!


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