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This is a guest article written by Ray Bohringer, Managing Diorector @ Arima Worldwide Ltd.

In 2018 I got two bits of information that ultimately led to the launch of our CBD brand - Arima.

The first was from a good friend of mine Geremy Thomas, who advised me that he’d set up and a medical cannabis fund called Sativa Investments, and they were looking to invest in ‘all things cannabis related’. And the second thing was I needed a hip replacement.

I investigated both.

Sativa lead me to the world of CBD, where I found out that CBD oil was the latest wonder product on the market for certain conditions.

And my hip replacement research told me there was nothing I could do but have the full replacement operation. 

So, what did I do?

I decided to try CBD oil 3 times per day to see if I could delay my inevitable hip operation. Whilst there is no clinical or medical evidence relating to CBD’s effectiveness in this area, there’s certainly stacks of positive feedback and anecdotal evidence.

Secondly, I invested in the Sativa fund, and spoke to Geremy about using their laboratory and testing vehicle Phytovista Laboratories, in order to create our own brand. 

I’m happy to say both plans have come good.

So, what’s the 2020 update?

Two years later and I still haven’t needed that hip operation. Sativa Investments are doing well and have acquired several new companies in the CBD space. And more importantly, after months of research, we have created and launched a brand in Arima that is delivering CBD and its potential benefits to thousands of happy customers across the UK. 

Arima’s focus was on changing the image of CBD, which is still seen as an offshoot of the pot smoking community.

We therefore designed a brand that can look great in any outlet, from beauty salons, gyms and pharmacies to vape stores and online resellers. 

As for the Arima the products, we looked to create CBD products that could particularly help athletes, for example the Arima CBD sports oil is there to take the anxiety out of those crucial moments like the 3 foot putt on the eighteenth green, prompting a regular user to say:

“I still miss the 3 footers, but I feel far less anxious about taking them”

Secondly, we wanted CBD products that could be taken with food and drink, making it much easier for customers to consume CBD. We therefore created our MCT/CBD range that is perfect for mixing with a coffee or a healthy food option.

Our feedback suggests that the MCT range is having a really positive effect, with one customer recently commenting:

“I take the Chocolate and Hazelnut CBD oil in my coffee 3 times per day and find that I sleep much better as a result"

Finally, we wanted a CBD oil range that came in a variety of strengths to suit each individual’s needs. That’s why Arima’s natural CBD oils are available from 2.5% to 20% making the product as flexible as possible.

Much has been said and written about CBD oil's potential, and as such there are a variety of products on the market today from a whole range of suppliers. And as recent reports show, not all are what they seem.

At Arima we’ve sourced the purest quality CBD oil from a qualified and certificated supplier that has one of the only growers license’s in the UK. Add that Sativa’s development plans in this space, and we have the perfect partner that will enable Arima to grow, and lead the way, as the CBD industry in the UK develops.

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