Provacan CBD Oil UK - Full Review (2020)

Provacan CBD Review UK 2020

Provacan CBD Oil Review. Here's What We Think...

Provacanis one of the most highly regarded CBD brands in the UK, producing a comprehensive range of CBD oils, balms, gummies, capsules and vapes.

So our team decided to put a Provacan CBD oil review together to give you the full picture on their range.

At ​Handpicked CBD​, our customers have quickly grown to love this brand, and the repeat orders we see show that people are having real success from using Provacan CBD products.

In this article:

We're going to review the range of Provacan CBD products that are currently available to buy on Handpicked CBD. These include Provacan CBD oils, capsules, lozenges, balms and bath salts.

We'll be taking a balanced approach in our review to provide you with as much insight and value as possible, evaluating the product range as a whole.


Handpicked CBD stocks a wide range of CBD products from many different brands. Provacan’s CBD products might be perfect for you, but at the same time, you may find that another brand better meets your unique requirements.

There’s a vast range of CBD products on the marketplace and our job is to help you find the ones that work best for you and meet your unique needs.

When you consider buying a particular brand of CBD, we always recommend that you take 5-minutes of your time to research the brand and the product, informing your buying decision with important insights that will fill you with confidence in the brand’s reputation.

As we look at Provacan’s product range through various different lenses in this review, you can do the same with other CBD products.

It’s always good to ask questions and we encourage consumers to ask the questions about CBD products that we will be asking in this review. In doing this, you can ensure that you are picking the right CBD product for you.

There certainly isn’t a one-size fits all CBD product. People like to consume CBD in many different ways and this comes down to personal preference.


Let’s dive into some of the important questions that should be asked about any brand of CBD products you come across.

Who are Provacan CBD?

The Provacan CBD product line is owned by CiiTECH, a cannabis biotechnology research organization. This is an Israeli company that has connections with the world famous Hebrew University of Jerusalem. CiiTECH has been involved in a range of cannabis-based research projects to further study the plant's medicinal and therapeutic potential.

Who can use Provacan CBD products?

Handpicked CBD has received positive feedback from customers of all ages who are using CBD products from the Provacan range. We have seen that some of the most common uses for these products, among our customer base, include providing therapeutic relief for anxiety, arthritis, pain relief, fibromyalgia and sleep. Of course this is only anecdotal evidence, and the potential benefits of these products will vary from person to person.

Are Provacan CBD products suitable for beginners?

Yes. Provacan’s CBD oil comes in three different tiers, 600 milligrams is perfect for beginners and CBD newbies, 1,200 milligrams is brilliant for middle of the road users and 2,400 milligrams is ideal for more experienced consumers that are looking for long-lasting therapeutic relief. In other words, there really is something for everyone on this product range.

Where can I find third-party lab reports on Provacan CBD?

All reputable CBD manufacturers will be able to provide you with detailed third-party testing reports on their products, to maintain in full compliance with UK and EU laws. Provacan has always openly embraced the challenge of meeting these regulations, as they strive towards producing exceptional products. And as part of the requirements of listing on Handpicked CBD, we ensure all products on the site have relevant lab reports attached. Simply head to the lab reports tab on each product to download.

How does Provacan pricing compare to other CBD products?

When CBD products are absurdly inexpensive, alarm bells should start to ring about the quality of the CBD. We consider Provacan’s CBD products to be neither expensive nor inexpensive - they come at a very average price when you look at the wider marketplace. After all, you can’t put a price on wellbeing, can you? Provacan’s CBD oil is £0.06 per milligram.

In our opinion, you are getting a premium quality product for an average price, which is a clear indication of strong value for money.

Do Provacan CBD products have strong bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance that enters the circulation when it is introduced to your body. Some CBD products have higher levels of bioavailability than others and this usually depends on the format of product. CBD oil is generally considered to have stronger levels of bioavailability than edibles, capsules and drinks; and less bioavailability levels than vaping. There is, however, nothing to suggest that Provacan CBD products have higher bioavailability than other branded oils.

How does the quality of Provacan compare to other CBD brands?

At Handpicked CBD, we firmly believe that Provacan is at the forefront of CBD quality. Their full spectrum oils are rich with cannabinoids, producing what is known as the “entourage effect”. Full spectrum hemp enables multiple cannabinoids (chemical compounds found within cannabis) to work synergistically, enhancing the overall power of the product.

Can you use Provacan oil while taking other medicine?

In general, CBD is not thought to interfere with other medications. That said, we always recommend that you seek the advice of a medical professional, such as your GP or pharmacist who can advise you on whether the consumption of CBD products could have the potential to interfere with a course of medication.

What do Provacan’s CBD products taste like?

In comparison to other products on the market, we’ve found that many of our customers prefer the taste of Provacan’s CBD oil to other oils. When you try CBD oil for the first time, the taste can take some getting used to. To many, it can come as an unexpected surprise. Although, you will quickly get used to it. With Provacan, this seems to be less of an issue.

How long will a 10ml bottle of Provacan’s sublingual oil last?

According to their official website, Provacan states that each bottle of their CBD oil contains around 200 drops worth of oil. This is plenty to keep you going for the considerable future! The average user takes around two or three drops up to three times a day. With this in mind, a full bottle should last a month. We always recommend for CBD beginners to start with just a few drops a day, before gradually increasing the dosage.

Is Provacan legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD products are legal in the UK. Provacan conforms to all of the UK laws when it comes to the sale of CBD as a food supplement. In fact, for further reassurance, CiiTECH is actually a longstanding member of the UK’s Cannabis Trades Association (CTA).

Can you travel abroad with Provacan?

CBD products are legal for personal consumption in most European countries. However, when it comes to taking any kind of substance abroad with you, it’s always worth checking the laws surrounding it before heading to your destination. This will save you both time and hassle at the airport! As an overall trend, we are seeing attitudes change around cannabis-derived products across the globe.

Final Thoughts

At Handpicked CBD, we have been incredibly impressed by the feedback that we have received from customers using Provacan CBD products. We hope that you’ve found this review to be informative and helpful as you compare different products available on the marketplace.

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