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Arima is a premium CBD oil brand from the UK on a mission to create beautiful products that move CBD away from the 'pot smoker' image, they've created an exceptional brand that delivers high-quality CBD products.

All Arima products are created by extracting only the purest cannabidiol (CBD) manufactured in the UK. Arima CBD products are full spectrum, meaning they contain the full range of cannabinoids. And all are tested and held to the strictest British Standards.

The Arima range includes Full Spectrum Pure CBD oils from 5% to 20% strength, three flavours of 5% CBD oil infused in MCT oil (perfect for adding to drinks and food), a great CBD balm and these highly recommended CBD capsules.


Based in Essex, UK, the Arima team are highly experienced individuals that are passionate about unearthing the real natural power that CBD possesses. This passion is complemented by their state-of-the-art testing facility and rigorous testing processes that ensure all raw products that come in and consumables that are sent out are faultless.

In order to ensure the finest quality product, the Arima team source the best available CBD oil from the world's leading growers. They are partnered with Sativa Investments PLC (the UK’s first listed medicinal cannabis company) as their chosen CBD supplier, delivering the purest available CBD oil available.


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