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Cannasseurs UK produce CBD belgian chocolate bars made and manufactured using the highest quality cbd whole plant extract sourced from safe and legal EU suppliers. 

On Handpicked CBD we stock a delicious range of indica and sativa dark chocolates that everyone will love.


CannasseursUK were founded by a close knit group of friends and family members. We officially launched on September 2nd 2017 at Product Earth Hemp Expo and Festival but unofficially have been helping others in the CBD community since 2015. A collective passion for cannabis led us to the discovery of legal CBD around this time.
After much research and study we began not only taking CBD and giving it to family members but also advocating it in the wider community and social networks.
Upon witnessing the benefits first hand, our belief in this wonderful plant grew to the point where it became the driving force in our lives. We were already making CBD tinctures and began branching out into making CBD balms and eventually edibles.
With the amount of people now coming to us asking for advice on CBD and where to get it, coupled with a building of trust with our respected CBD supplier, it made sense to look to start our own business.
It is our passion for helping others and being able to truly understand the potential of CBD that meant CannasseursUK just had to be born. We pride our selves on being an honest and friendly company set up for all the right reasons.


You can find the Cannasseurs UK range on Handpicked CBD. Remember to check out our latest promotions too, in case we've got any exclusive Cannasseurs UK discounts for you to take advantage of.