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The Element Cannapothecary’s range of anti-ageing CBD skincare products, fuse the art of self-care with the holistic benefits of the cannabis plant.

Our collection offers a meticulously formulated range, tailored to provide you with a three-pronged, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant approach to your skincare.

Choosing natural CBD skincare is all about providing the best possible care and support for our skin. Being our bodies largest organ & the most exposed to environmental factors, we think it deserves it don’t you?


Element Cannapothecary’s approach to skincare is all about simplicity & transparency.
We truly believe in the holistic power of plants & their benefit for you and your skin, and so we source only the finest Full-Spectrum CBD & natural plant extracts to compliment your self-care routine & helping to break the cycle of personal stress creating stressed out skin.

Each of our handcrafted, natural CBD skincare products are Vegan friendly, cruelty free, sustainably sourced & most importantly cruelty free (we only test on humans). 
Our formulas also contain zero chemical nasties. That’s right, no mineral oils, silicones, or parabens! We only choose the finest natural ingredients to work in harmony with any skin type, bringing out the very best of you.

Our unisex products are formulated with you & your skin in mind. Suitable for all skin types they are crafted solely from natural botanic & plant-based essential oils that work in harmony with your skin to de-stress, balance & provide optimum skin health.

Unwind & Enhance Your Skincare Ritual with our Powerful Botanicals.


You can find the entire Element Cannapothecary’s range on Handpicked CBD. Remember to check out our latest promotions too, in case we've got any exclusive Cannacares discounts for you to take advantage of.