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Nooro is a new kind of snack bar – we combine clean, natural ingredients with nootropics and CBD in a vegan, gluten free snack bar to nourish your body and fuel your flowstate.

Nooro's great tasting Vegan CBD Oat Bars with Natural Nootropics come in 3 tasty flavours here at Handpicked: Banana & Cinamon, Cacao & Coconut and Lemon & Ginger.


Nooro has created the UK’s first CBD snack bars that focus on your mind and cognitive function. Each Raw and Vegan Oat Bar contains 25mg CBD, and includes other healthy nootropics such as Gingko and Maca.

Nooro sources its CBD from a small independant UK grower. All Nooro products contain zero THC.

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Nooro Lemon & Ginger CBD Oat bar: An invigorating moment of natural lemon and spicy waking up in a lemon grove, with a scrumptious spiced oat cake in your hand.    Blended with  Nooro's mix of nootropics, Maca and L-Theanine, as well as 25mg of CBD, it’s a slow-burning...
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Nooro Mixed Flavoured Box: You will receive: 2 X Lemon + Ginger 2 X Sour Cherry + Dark Chocolate 2 X Banana + Cinnamon Soft, crunchy, 100% natural oat bars with 25mg of calming CBD and productivity-boosting nootropics. Stay in flow with a complete selection of Nooro's CBD powered, nootropics bringing, naturally nourishing snack bars. Raw, Vegan + Gluten-Free.
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