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Arima CBD Balm is 100% organic and created using the purest full spectrum CBD extracts. Contains 300mg CBD.
Arima's CBD products are created by extracting only the purest cannabidiol (CBD) manuf...
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Arima's CBD Balm is 100% organic and created using the purest full spectrum CBD extracts. Daily usage delivers the botanical benefits you need to rejuvenate your skin and repair blemishes.

Arima's CBD Balm can be used to help you unwind, soothe and revitalise.


Shea butter, Coconut butter, Mango butter, Cacao butter, Sweet almond oil, Candelilla wax, Hemp extract, Hemp essential oil, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin E.

Each 30ml tub contains 300mg of CBD and <0.2% THC


Apply Arima's CBD balm daily to your skin. It can be used all over your body, including on your face, neck and hands. Regularly massage gently onto the target area as needed, avoiding open wounds and contact with eyes.

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Lab Report (Arima_CBD_Balm_COA.pdf, 390 Kb) [Download]

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