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Blue Edition CBD Oil from The Original Alternative - formally CBD Brothers.

The Original Alternative's Blue Edition CBD Oil uses a Hemp Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 25% CBD, extracted from female plants which are grown organically under the sun. Only the buds and flowers are used for extracts of the highest quality. Diluted in Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

Mg of CBD per 10ml

  • Nominal CBD/CBDA content – 500mg/10ml
  • This equates to 5% per bottle
  • Each 10ml bottle contains approximately 190-200 drops per 10ml
  • This equates to a nominal CBD/CBDA of 2.5mg per drop

Ingredients per 10ml

  • Hemp Sativa Whole Plant Extract (nominal CBD/CBDA content – 500mg/10ml, <0.2% THC content)
  • Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil


  • 10ml CBD/CBDA content – 500mg/10ml
  • 30ml CBD/CBDA content – 1500mg/30ml
Concentration (%):
Strength (mg):
Bottle Size (ml):
CBD Brothers (The Original Alternative)

Batch HB-075 (HB-075_Labs_Blue_Edition.pdf, 86 Kb) [Download]

Batch HB-074 (HB-074_Labs_Blue_Edition.pdf, 84 Kb) [Download]

I’ve came back to this having tried others n different paste fr cbd brothers to t really helps with M.E. Especially fatigue Thanks
The best CBD oil I have tried just to expensive for me personally
is this good for back pains & sceria
over the yrs iv tried many different brands and strengths and returned to this one ,it helps a few of my fibro symptoms but am afraid nothing for the main one the pain ,but then none of the others did either , its a fair priced product and reliable
a very good product sensible price , takes the edge of some of my fibromyalgia systems
I have had blue edition by CBD Brothers before and its v good
I bought this to help with my Trigeminal Neuralgia, the painkillers just weren’t quite cutting it. I’ve been taking it now for 3 weeks and bloody love it. 3 drops in a morning and 3 drops early evening. I don’t get much if any pain, nothing like I was getting.
100% genuine product at a great price. Extremely easy and hassle free purchase. Lightning quick delivery. I'm very impressed. Thank you!
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