CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs UK - Essential 2020 Guide

Have you considered purchasing CBD oil for your Dog? Or Cat? It isn’t just humans that can respond to the therapeutic benefits of CBD. In fact: All vertebrate animals have cannabinoid receptors located throughout their central nervous systems and peripheral nervous systems. For this reason, CBD oil has the potential to support the overall...

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

Does CBD Oil get You High?

CBD oil is still a relatively new product on the wellness market and people still have plenty of preconceived ideas and assumptions about this cannabis-derived product. Unfortunately, many of these assumptions are often false and are perpetuated by those that do not fully understand cannabinoids and how they interact with the human body. In this...

CBD Oil for Pain

CBD Oil for Pain UK | Here's The Facts (2020 Update)

Can CBD oil help to relive your pain? That's the question on everyone’s lips. It's thought 28million people in the UK are living with chronic pain, which is a HUGE number - two fifths of the entire population in fact! From back pain and arthritis, to migraines and fibromyalgia, chronic pain is  a silent epidemic that's having a daily impact...

Provacan CBD Review UK 2020

Provacan CBD Oil UK - Full Review (2020)

Provacan CBD Oil Review. Here's What We Think... Provacan ​ is one of the most highly regarded CBD brands in the UK, producing a comprehensive range of CBD oils, balms, gummies, capsules and vapes. So our team decided to put a Provacan CBD oil review together to give you the full picture on their range. At ​ Handpicked CBD​ , our customers...

CBD for Coronavirus

CBD & COVID-19: Managing Stress, Fear & Anxiety

In these extraordinary times, with the world-changing minute-by-minute, how can we regulate the levels of stress, fear and anxiety that we feel? In this article, we are going to explore the potential CBD has to help manage anxiety as we grapple with the widespread effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We will focus purely on scientific...

CBD for Depression

CBD Oil for Depression: Your Essential Guide

Does CBD have the ability to treat the symptoms of depression? In this article, we are going to explore the therapeutic potential CBD for those who suffer from depression. We want to focus on purely scientific data, without making any unfounded claims. You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD in recent years. When any new product emerges onto the...

CBD for Anxiety

CBD Oil for Anxiety: Can it Help? Here's the Facts

Is CBD oil good for anxiety?  That’s the question on everyone’s lips. In this article, we’re going to explore the potential CBD oil has to help anxiety. We want to focus on purely scientific data, without making any unfounded claims. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year. In England, 1 in 6 people...

Shopping for CBD UK

5 Simple Tips for Buying CBD in the UK (2020)

There’s a CBD revolution happening across the globe. Due to CBD's wide-ranging potential, people have quickly fallen in love with this cannabis-derived chemical compound. And it isn’t that surprising. Canabidiol (aka CBD) has been gaining a reputation for delivering therapeutic results, and who doesn’t love that? However: When it comes to buying...

Best CBD Oils in the UK 2020

The UK's Best CBD Oils | Handpicked's Top 20 CBD Oils in the UK [Updated April 2020]

Handpicked CBD's Top 20 CBD Oils in the UK 2020. Here it is!... CBD oil is fast becoming the UK’s most popular health trend. It's one of the fastest growing industries in the country, with an estimated 1.3million people now using CBD oil products on a regular basis. But: Which CBD oil is the best?.. Despite CBD's real potential for benefiting...

Arima CBD UK

Arima CBD: The Arima Story

This is a guest article written by Ray Bohringer, Managing Diorector @ Arima Worldwide Ltd. In 2018 I got two bits of information that ultimately led to the launch of our CBD brand - Arima. The first was from a good friend of mine Geremy Thomas, who advised me that he’d set up VPXL.net and a medical cannabis fund called Sativa Investments , and...

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