How are CBD Gummies made?

How are CBD gummies made?

How are CBD gummies made? 

Tasty, sweet, sour and glistening with CBD. Gummies are impossible not to like! Ever wonder how your favourite CBD gummies are made? 

Those delicious, oh so sweet and tangy jellies that add a little calm to your day are expertly crafted to satisfy sweet tooth cravings with added therapeutic benefits. 

From the sugar fizz variety to organic ingredients to sugar free options. Depending on your needs, you can find a gummy with anything from 5-25mg of CBD per sweet. CBD gummies have come a long way from the days of bitter hemp aftertastes. Nowadays, there really is a CBD gummy for everyone! 

So, how are CBD gummies made? 

Your favourite CBD gummies are made in a similar way to your favourite jellies in the sweet trade. The core ingredients are melted and poured into silicone moulds before cooling, to get the classic sweet shape of gummy bears, jelly worms and peach rings. 

These core ingredients are usually sugar (or natural sweeteners), food grade flavourings and thickeners to hold the shape so that every sweet comes out of the bag or tub in uniform consistency. 

Gelatin is commonly used as a thickener, just like in confectionery, but there are vegan and halal friendly options available. 

The sugar, flavourings and thickeners are combined with additives and colourings to preserve and  prolong shelf life. These ingredients are melted down into a sugary syrup, before being poured into the silicone molds. 

These ingredients form the basis for every CBD gummy you will taste, but some brands make substitutions for more natural, holistic ingredients. Some even add spirulina and turmeric for added health benefits! 

The star ingredient, CBD, isn't usually added until a later stage. 

Many manufacturers don't add the CBD extract into the gummy mix until later in the production process. Why? This is because CBD tends to degenerate at temperatures of 200°C, so if it was added at the beginning, during the melting stage, this could affect the potency and overall CBD content. 

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How is the CBD added? 

Some manufacturers add the CBD extract into the gummies as they cool in the silicone moulds. Others choose to spray the finished gummies to coat them in a sugary CBD gloss. Both methods are effective in controlling how much CBD each gummy contains. 

How do CBD gummies work? 

Gummies are a popular way to get your daily dose of CBD. Some call it microdosing, as gummies are typically available in low concentrations ranging from 5 to 25mg of CBD. You could argue that CBD gummies are the most flavour-filled way to enjoy CBD too!

Just like capsules, CBD gummies are swallowed and digested. This means they are metabolised and as a result take longer to work than vaping CBD juice or taking a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue. While the therapeutic effects of CBD may take a while longer to kick in, CBD gummies are a convenient way to supplement with CBD throughout the day as you know how much CBD each gummy sweet contains. 

Where can I buy the best CBD gummies online in the UK? 

Whether you are buying CBD gummies, CBD vape juice or CBD oils, always buy from a trusted, reputable online retailer. 

A good supplier won’t hide or disguise the ingredients list, and they should also disclose the cannabinoid content of each product with a Certificate of Analysis, like this tub of CBDistillery gummies. A COA is a lab report which will show you exactly how much CBD is in the product, and importantly, it should show there is no THC, solvent residue, pesticides or heavy metals present. 

Here at Handpicked CBD, that’s exactly what we do! We insist that the brands we list are of the highest quality and traceability. Don’t take our word for it, two of our best selling CBD gummy brands, JustCBD and CBDistillery, were recently named Best CBD Gummies 2021.

CBDistillery has also been featured by a prominent US health publication, earning a spot on a list of the 9 Best CBD Gummies, According to a Dietician

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