7 Top CBD Vapes for 2021 [UK Edition]

Top CBD Vapes UK

We round up the top CBD vapes in the UK for 2021

What are the best CBD vapes in the UK? 

Did you know vaping is the fastest way to deliver CBD to your body? Well, it is! CBD vapes are growing more and more popular for this reason. But they are also in demand because of how easy and convenient it is to vape CBD juice and get your fix on the go.

Why is vaping the fastest format when it comes to the time it takes CBD to work? Just like when you take CBD oil under the tongue, the substance you’re taking in doesn't need to be swallowed. In this case, the CBD juice is converted into a vapour when you inhale, and that vapour delivers a speedy dose of CBD to the mouth, throat and lungs everytime you breathe in. From here, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream and gets to work fast. 

And that’s not the only plus to vaping CBD. With flavours like mint, mango and pineapple, vaping CBD can hit your taste buds just as well as any CBD gummy. 

Whether you’ve been vaping for years or you’re just curious, here at Handpicked CBD we like to help! So, we chose our top CBD vapes to help you make the right choice! These products are our legitimate team favourites, no funny business. All that’s left is for YOU to pick a CBD vape! 

The starter kit

Lady A Vape Pen

As with most things in life, we all start somewhere! Make things as easy as possible when starting out to see if vaping CBD is for you. Our experts think this natural CBD vape pen in 200mg as a good place to begin. 

With this no fuss product, there is no room for error. All you have to do is breathe in, hold and exhale. Lady A mixed in a sweet strawberry blend to make each inhale taste even better. 

Lady A Natural CBD Vape Pen 200mg £28

For quick relief at night

Cannacares Vape Pod

CBD has long been associated with relieving pain, stress and anxiety and there is a growing body of evidence to show this cannabinoid can, in fact, help alleviate our perception of pain and reduce inflammation. No wonder so many people have started taking CBD in the last year! 

Enter Cannacares with their Relief single use CBD vape pod designed to deliver much needed (you guessed it) relief after dark. Cannacares works closely with leading medical cannabis group Kanabo Research in Israel to ensure that this product delivers a unique terpene blend of CBD vape oil that provides tangible benefits when used at night. As well as CBD, this oil also contains CBG, another powerful extract from the hemp plant. 

Cannacares Single Use Relief Vape Pod with 360mg CBD Oil, £7

For the high functioning pro who needs help on the go 

JustCBD Vape Cart

There’s a long list of reasons why some people like to vape CBD. For some it’s a way to relax at the end of a long day. For others it could be soothing an ache or pain. And then there’s the high functioning professionals who don't have a minute to spare. 

Just CBD presents the Pineapple Express vape cartridge which contains 1000mg of CBD and terpenes (that’s 800mg of CBD content plus 200mg of terpenes). This CBD vape juice uses 100% natural plant-based terpenes to help keep you focused and alert thanks to its clever terpene formulation which bolsters the effects of CBD on the body and mind. 

Just CBD’s Pineapple Express CBD Vape Cartridge, £26.40

Rosé all day? Summer vape vibes loading…

CBDfx Vape Pen

The flavour of the month is Rosé everything. Now you can add vaping CBD to the list. This disposable 50mg full spectrum Platinum Rosé pen is from CBDFx, a well-known American brand recognised for its quality in everything from oil drops to gummies and vapes. The folks over at CBD Fx make this same pen in a range of tantalizing flavours, so if rosé isn’t quite your vibe, you could always try Sour Diesel or Blue Dream. 

CBD Fx Platinum Rosé 50mg full spectrum CBD pen, £12.99

For the vape pro 

Mr NICE vape juice

If you already vape, and you want to try some CBD in your tank, look no further than Mr Nice. This CBD booster works exactly the same as a nicotine shot, which you’ll already be familiar with if you’re vaping nicotine e-liquids. 

With 1000mg in 10ml, adding this booster shot to your favourite 50ml shortfill will provide you with 20mg CBD per ml. If you have a mod, chances are your TPD compliant tank will hold 2ml of e-liquid when full.

The beauty of using a CBD booster like this one from Mr Nice is you get to reap the benefits of CBD and still vape your favourite flavour. Just make sure to clean the tank on your device to rid it of any nicotine before vaping CBD. 

Mr Nice 1000mg CBD vape juice ‘Skunk Booster’, £45 

CBD with a side of minty fresh…

CBDistillery vape juice

Take it from us, this CBD e-liquid will leave you feeling mintastic! In a 30ml bottle, this gelato inspired vape juice is available in 500mg or 1000mg for extra strength. CBDistillery is a fantastic US brand which has taken the world by storm as they third-party lab-test all of their products to ensure the highest quality and consistency. 

We love this flavour because it’s light and airy and has the perfect hit of cool, refreshing mint, ideal for vaping throughout the day. It’s so fresh, it might also catch the attention of passers by! 

Mint flavour CBD vape liquid, 500/1000mg CBD, from £15 

When it’s time to level up… 

Naturecan vape juice

British brand Naturecan is reputable and reliable when it comes to their gummies, brownies, and oils. But what about their vapes? It’s a yes from team Handpicked! What we like about the broad spectrum Naturecan vape range is it lets you increase your dose with the same great quality you started out on.  

Regardless of how you take CBD, the advice is to start low and grow your dose slowly. If you’re new to vaping CBD juice, chances are you started out with an e-liquid measuring in the region of 250mg. If that’s you, it may be time to take the next step and progress to a 500mg version of your favourite flavour. 

Naturecan CBD E-liquid from £24.99