Oral TABS | CBD Oral Strips · 100mg to 600mg (21mg per Strip)

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NEW ! Innovative rapid absorption of CBD into the blood stream.
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Symtomax’s CBD Oral TABS were developed for the pharmacy and health sectors, meeting the high standards required by both for the retail sale of CBD, and customers who want to receive a controlled, repeatable and rapid release of the CBD Hemp extract oil. The proprietary technology allows the release of cannabinoids from multiple layers, allowing for the rapid absorption of the CBD into the blood stream and since it does not have to be digested like oils or edibles, the products work quickly and effectively, on the area where it is needed.

 The higher the bioavailability, the more cannabidiol you deliver to your system.


The high bioavailability of a dose allows you to consume CBD in lower quantities to feel the effects. High bioavailability is what makes a hemp-based product potent.

Accurate and repeatable doses without any preparation. ensuring identical dosages and potency, so you feel exactly how you need to feel, when you need to feel it.

Easy, clean, and discrete administration, pocket-sized packaging, use anytime, anywhere on the go, whether at work, play or simply enjoying life.


 Berry Mint Flavour
 Fast and Instant acting Buccal Mucosal Delivery
 Noticeable effects in 15-30 min that can last hours
 Potent formula offering powerful long lasting effects of CBD
 Convenient to carry and consume
 Benefit from therapeutic effects at markedly reduced doses
 Innovative delivery Increases the amount of medicine available to enter the blood stream
 No “Stoned” or “High” feeling, leaving you mentally alert and sharp
 Enhanced Oral Tab that dissolves within minutes
 21 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD per sachet
 Non-habit forming
 0% THC




Berry Mint
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